Software Development

Custom Software Built around your business needs.

We realise the individual needs of any business in this high tech era, and understand that off the shelf software sometimes do not cater for individual requirements. We therefore offer unique software development solutions to our clients.

Some of our Software Solutions

Company Intranets

All companies, small and large can benefit from an Intranet. Improve your Productivity & Corporate Communications, Streamline processes within your workday, Spur Collaboration and ensure Knowledge management. We can custom build an intranet that improves your business.

Booking Systems

Controlling bookings made by clients either for services you offer or for the hospitality industry can be a daunting task. Why not have your clients book online and control all your bookings via a cloud based system. Synchronise your bookings so you never overbook or double book your services. Let us help you and provide a solution that matches your needs.

Queuing Systems

Waiting rooms in Surgeries, Hospitals and Reception Areas can often get very full. Often clients get impatient and frustrated which leads to unhappy clients. A queuing system can alleviate this and create a smooth flow of traffic in and out of your office environment. Having customers see their place in the queue and know when their time is due will ensure customer satisfaction and lessen the burden on your staff to control this.

Wage Calculation Systems

If you have a large staff compliment, and if you pay them an hourly rate, this solution is for you. Often Factories dedicate a number of admin hours to calculating individual staff weekly wages. Our solution can make this a painless and efficient task, ensuring you have accurate wage payments each week.

Our software solutions are not limited to those listed above and include Staff Management Software, Time Management Software, KPA Assessment Solutions and our list grows longer and longer as we encounter new and more demanding solutions from our clients.

Do you use Excel documents to manage your business?

Let us show you how we to get rid of excel and tons of files with a Cloud Based Software Solution.