Digital Displays

Digital Displays made easy.

Media Digital's core focus is to provide digital display media to not just the larger corporate companies but also to the little coffee shops and businesses on the corner. We insist on making digital displays affordable to any business no matter how big or small, by using custom built software and smaller and more affordable devices that we have sourced.

The Tools

In our drive to keep display systems as cost effective as possible, we chose not to conform to the usual and source high end Display Devices, instead we took a simple mini pc and programmed it to provide a display function that is practical and affordable. This device is the heart of our system and performs the required tasks beautifully. Pairing this device up with our custom built software has made it a formidable contender in this highly competitive industry.

The App

Once we sourced the perfect device, we went about building the Brain behind our system. The Management Application. The development that went into this system was extensive, but worth it, as it has been developed to give the end user the perfect tool to manage and control all his displays from any internet enabled device/pc. Making this software 'cloud based' ensures that our clients can have access to the system no matter where in the world they are.

The Creation

So we have a display device, and the software to manage it, but that isnt enough. We realised that no two people or clients are the same, and more importantly no two businesses are the same. So we realised a need to create individual layouts and designs was essential. With that we began customising individual display systems for our clients according to their specific needs. We take the initiative to assess your requirments and then develop a customised solution entirely for your business.


Our Displays can be used in a large variety of solutions, and we are certainly open to new ones as well. Show us your requirments and we will tailor make a solution for you.

In-store Adverts/Menu Boards

Whatever your industry, if you have a retail store, we can provide you with a solution to market your products and turn potential customers into paying customers. We tailor make our systems to fit within your budget and scope. Advertise your store specials, new products and even your Menus.

Notice/Bulletin Boards

Communicate with your staff or customers by using our Notice Board solution. Built to give you the ability to disseminate information across offices, branches and outlets, you will be amazed at how efficient this solution can make your business.

Information Boards

Many businesses rely on the provision of information in order for their customers to make decisions on products or purchases. Providing that information in an efficient, user friendly manner is what we do. We even source content and provide it for you.

Workflow Control

Do you have a large production line, do you need to ensure your staff are efficient and aware of their efficiency? We have a solution for you. Our Workflow control boards help speed up production and ensure maximum returns from your work day.

Want to know More?

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